Why Study in Canada?

Study in Canada from Bangladesh. Canada is one of the world’s most popular destinations for international students, offering a diverse variety of experiences and opportunities in a country known for its vast expanses, multicultural cities, and natural beauty.

A Canadian degree is widely recognized as equal to one from the United States, Australia, or the United Kingdom. Canadian universities consistently do well in international rankings. The cost of living in Canada is also seriously affordable compared to most other top destinations for international students. Bangladeshi students in Canada are eligible to work up to 20 hours per week during academic sessions and full-time during scheduled breaks like summer vacation. Most students don’t need a work permit to work while they study, whether their job is on campus or off campus. Your study permit will indicate whether you’re allowed to work off campus.

Tuition Fees

In general, tuition fees in Canada are less expensive compared to other major destinations like the US, UK, and Australia. Average tuition fees in Canada for international undergraduate students start at about CAD 27,159 (about USD 20,600) per year. Universities in Canada set their own fees, and the cost of the study also depends on the type of course and the subject.

Visa Requirements

For a Bangladeshi student to study in Canada, you need a valid Study Permit to study in Canada. The study permit will be issued based on the letter of acceptance from designated institutions. Once study permit is obtained, timely progress needs to be made towards completing the enrolled course.

Working as a Student

Almost every student need to work part-time during their studies to partially cover the cost of their living and gain some valuable work experience, build networks along the way. It is possible to work part-time provided that a student holds a valid study permit, enrolled in a full-time course and possess SIN (Social Insurance Number).

Top 10 Universities in Canada

Canada is home to a few of the world’s leading universities. At Compreed, we have considered various credible sources to make a list of Top 10 Universities in Canada for Bangladeshi students.

  1. University of Toronto | Toronto, Ontario
  2. University of British Columbia | Vancouver, British Columbia
  3. McMaster University | Hamilton, Ontario
  4. McGill University | Montreal, Quebec
  5. University of Montreal | Montreal, Quebec
  6. University of Alberta | Edmonton, Alberta
  7. University of Ottawa | Ottowa, Ontario
  8. Western University | London, Ontario
  9. University of Calgary | Calgary, Alberta
  10. University of Waterloo | Waterloo, Ontario

Source: Times Higher Education

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Studied Abroad: Student Stories

“I am Saquib Rahman, and I have completed my Master’s from the University of Warwick, UK in 2015. I am a core faculty member of Law at North South University and a qualified lawyer of the Dhaka Judges’ Court. I take interest in legal research and I am an avid contributor of opinion pieces at national dailies. “

How did your foreign degree contribute towards your current profession?

“I am of the belief that the value of my foreign degree has made me employable, full-time at a university of North South’s repute. I have also been vested with the responsibility of conducting a Master’s course."

In your opinion, what are the real benefits of studying abroad as compared to studying in Bangladesh?

“Studying abroad opens the opportunity to interact with students from all over the globe, some of whom, especially in case of Master’s programs, are qualified professionals who tend to contribute in class by sharing their own experiences."

What tips would you give to ambitious students who would like to study abroad?

“Make the best use of all resources, especially the rich libraries that universities abroad tend to have. Attend all the lectures, even guest lectures that would take place in your respective departments/schools."

Saquib Rahman

University of Warwick, United Kingdom

Course of Study: LLM in International Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation
Graduation Year: 2015
Current Position: Lecturer at North South University
Current City: Dhaka
Email: saquib.rahman@northsouth.edu