Tier 3 University Scholarships for International Students

Canada’s educational institutions receive generous government funding and support. The country is home to several prominent universities which are nurturing skills development of future leaders.

We have highlighted some popular scholarships at Tier 3 Universities below only for meritorious students with an excellent track record of co-curricular activities.

If you believe that you can achieve Scholarships at the Top Universities in Canada, please check the list of Scholarships for Tier 1 or Tier 2 Universities.

Entrance Scholarship

University of New Brunswick | Canada Rank: 26

UNB offers millions of dollars in scholarship support each year to offset some of the costs of a university education. Eligible international students include high school applicants, students transferring from another post-secondary institution as well as students continuing their studies at UNB.

International students can be considered for scholarships once they are accepted and while studying at the University of New Brunswick. New UNB students will be assessed for scholarship support at the same time they’re being assessed for admission to their program. They are also encouraged to submit an entrance scholarship application. All continuing UNB students need to submit a scholarship application each year to be considered for scholarship support. The primary consideration for scholarship support at UNB is academic achievement.

International Student Entrance Awards/Scholarships

University of Windsor | Canada Rank: 27

The University of Windsor provides to international students scholarships and awards to recognize academic achievement.

Awards provided to entering undergraduates include the International Student Entrance Awards/Scholarships, the Outstanding Scholars Award, and the University of Windsor Women in Engineering Award. Students may also earn in-course awards while continuing their studies at the University of Windsor. Students entering research-based graduate programs that meet or exceed the equivalent of a Canadian 80% will be considered for a graduate study scholarship.

International Entrance Scholarship

University of Regina | Canada Rank: 29

All undergraduate students who apply for admission are automatically considered for these scholarships based on your admission average – no application is required. Students may only receive one of the many available scholarships.

Emerging Market Entrance Awards

Brock University | Canada Rank: 30

Students will automatically receive the award if they are citizens of: Bangladesh, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia; Kenya; Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine or Vietnam. Additional for 2019 academic year will be Bhutan, Costa Rica, Curacao, Brunei and Nepal.

College Wide Application Scholarships

Humber College | Canada Rank: 72

Over 3,000 international students from more than 130 countries around the world have chosen Humber College in Toronto, Canada as their education destination. Humber is committed to supporting students getting through their programs, especially when it comes to financial matters. That’s why Humber offers a number of scholarships for international students, ranging from one-off awards of $1,000 to a renewable full tuition fee scholarship.

The scholarships are divided throughout the three academic semesters each year: Winter (January-April), Summer (May-August) and Fall (September-December). These scholarships are available at the time of admission and offered as a discount on tuition fees, based on the sustained academic performance, community involvement, referee/reference letters and statement of interest of the applicant. All undergraduate degree applicants are eligible to receive ‘Bachelors Degree Scholarships’ which are offered based on high-school/upper year grades.

International students are also eligible for scholarships offered by the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program. The 8-level EAP program fully prepares students to study in a college academic environment.

International Student Awards

George Brown College | Canada Rank: 74

To be considered for any of the awards listed below students must apply by selecting Internatonal Center Scholarships through STU-VIEW and be enrolled full-time in program as an International Student.

College Wide Application Scholarships

Centennial College | Canada Rank: 76

Unlike OSAP, scholarships are money that you don’t have to repay. Scholarships are funds donated by individuals or corporations to assist you with the financial challenges of pursuing post-secondary studies. These donors are investing in your future career, so take the time to complete an application for the scholarships you can apply for.


Seneca College | Canada Rank: 79

Seneca offers 10 renewable entrance scholarships of merit ($1,000 each) for international students. Students who have achieved a minimum GPA of 80 per cent in Grade 12 or equivalent prior to attending Seneca can apply for the appropriate scholarship once they have started their program of study.

International Entrance Scholarship

Douglas College | Canada Rank: 87

Douglas College offers nearly $100,000 in entrance scholarships to new international students each year who have proven to be successful in their previous academic studies.

Entrance Scholarships

Fanshawe College | Canada Rank: 97

Entrance scholarship opportunities are offered to students who have recently graduated from high school and who have accepted their offer of admission to attend a specific program at Fanshawe College. Many of these opportunities do not require students to apply, since they are based primarily on the students’ overall admission average.

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