How Much Does it Cost to Study in Canada?

Endowed with boundless natural beauty and housing a melting pot of various cultures; it comes as no surprise that Canada is among the more favoured locations for international undergraduates and postgraduates alike.

What can be considered as the cherry on top is Canada’s competitive tuition rates compared to neighbouring destinations.

Tuition Fees in Canada

Charges are determined with consideration to a number of factors, including but not limited to: the major(s), citizenship, level of higher education. The latest survey carried out by Statistics Canada reports that undergraduate tuition fees rose by a mean of 3.3 percent for domestic students and 6.3 percent for international students in 2018/2019.

If you possess Canadian citizenship, overall fees should amount to around CA$6838/year (undergraduate) or CA$7086/year (postgraduate).

In case of undergraduate programs, for Bangladeshi students (International), as specified by Statistics Canada, mean undergraduate tuition may shoot up to CA$27,159 (~US$20,600) per year for science-based programmes. Engineering and medicine degrees cost the most among these, about CA$30,742 (~US$23,300) per year. Other courses — such as arts and humanities — are easier on the pocket, with business and management degrees being the cheapest, at CA$26,395 (~US$20,000) per year.

As for postgraduate tuition, the mean cost ranges around CA$16,497 (~US$12,500) in 2018/19, which is slightly lower than the average undergraduate cost. This might be altered based on your desired degree/programme. MBA programs deviate drastically though, with the average amounting to CA$30,570 (~US$23,160) for regular MBAs and CA$49,798 (~US$37,700) for executive MBAs, which makes them the most pricey of degrees.

Cost of Living in Canada

Onto residential costs; you will need a minimum of CA$10,000 (~US$7,570) excluding tuition in regions other than Quebec (CA$11,000/~US$8,300), as stipulated by Canadian Student Visa Requirements. However, expenses will differ from region to region, so it would be safer to estimate a higher amount, especially for big cities. For instance, Toronto and Vancouver. On-campus accommodation is less costly than private accommodation, the latter costing around CA$8,400 per year, excluding bills. Meal plans, which offer you food right from the university’s canteen(s), might also be provided. Another point to remember: purchasing health insurance is mandatory, which may cost some more money (~CA$600-800/~US$450-600) per year.

Student Visa and Application Fees

If the program you are pursuing has a duration of more than half a year, you will need to acquire a Canadian study permit, which acts as a student visa for the length of your stay. Application cost for a study permit is about CA$150(~US$115).

Application fees for each university is determined by the university itself and thus, varies from institution to institution. If you find it too high to bear, don’t worry, it is usually possible to have it waived if you are from a developing nation.

Financial Aid to Study in Canada

Moreover, many forms of financial aid (scholarships, grants, bursaries) are available for international students in Canada at all levels of university education. Besides academic scholarships, many institutions proffer their own customised scholarships, which you might be eligible for. It is appropriate to apply at the soonest as many ambitious students compete for a limited pool of money. Your own government might be offering study abroad schemes, which you could look up. If you belong to the Commonwealth, you could look up the Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program, which provides aid to students of other Commonwealth countries looking to study in Canada.

Jobs for Students in Canada

Lastly, if you still require/want a part-time job to help finance your studies, you can work on/off-campus for a maximum of twenty hours during university terms. It can be escalated to full-time on breaks, though. No work permit is needed if you are qualified; that is, if you are a full-time student registered at a post-secondary institution seeking a degree/diploma/certificate with an authentic study permit.

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