How to get Canada Permanent Residency (PR) from Bangladesh?

One of the biggest numbers of international expat communities in the world exist in Canada. Hundreds upon thousands of Bangladeshis submit applications to go abroad and embark upon a new chapter in their lives packed with rewarding prospects and high-end living standards. Canada is positioned among the most preferred and most famous immigration locations for Bangladeshis.

The most prevalent method for immigration to Canada with a PR visa is using the federal Express Entry program. This program is among the simplest and most successful immigration systems in the world. What makes it so wonderful is the fact that it uses an electronic skill appropriation process which considers the professional viability of each applicant to the overall Canadian economy and issues ITAs based on this. As a result, the procedure is absolutely impartial and is fair when offering PR status to each applicant regardless of their motherland. This means that professionals who are eligible to apply have just as much possibility of migrating to the sought-after country as any first-world immigration applicant.

Below is a list of requirements which need to be satisfied to be eligible for immigration through Express Entry:

Age Criteria

All candidates aged 18-35 years are eligible for the highest points. Applicants above 35 years will obtain lesser points following the scale.

Documents Required

All candidates are required to hand-in the following documents to validate their application:

  • Photograph of the principal applicant
  • Medical certificate
  • Police clearance certificates
  • Passport and other travel documents (along with copies)
  • Work experience letter (Letter of Recommendation)
  • Proof of funds (for FSW stream)

Express Entry Points

As soon as the aforementioned documents are handed in, it is recommended to check your Express Entry Points Calculator score. Following the latest Express Entry Draws released on 1st May 2019, the minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points required to obtain an ITA are 450 CRS Points.

Language Proficiency

Canada’s official languages include English and French and the IRCC considers language proficiency to be significant. For English, having a score of 6 points per Band in the IELTS is compulsory to be eligible for immigration. The CLB test can also be used to present one’s English language proficiency. Furthermore, proficiency in French will earn bonus points according to the new CRS scheme.

Express Entry Program: The Immigration Process from Bangladesh

When the Canadian immigration authority initially installed the Express Entry system as its chief program to permit entry of foreign nationals with a PR status into the country, the central goal was to sustain the national economy with a continual flow of working professionals who can consistently add value to it. For this reason, the authorities founded the National Occupations Classification (NOC) procedure whereby a stepwise distinction was made between several skills highly needed to develop the economy at a national as well as a provincial level. Based on these differences, the IRCC delineated three distinct immigration pathways/streams whereby an applicant can make the most successful immigration bid.

The main pathways for skilled worker immigration are:

Federal Skilled Worker Program

This stream of is for working professionals whose talents are in-demand in the Canadian economy. Generally, tertiary level/service oriented professions like doctors, lawyers and spokespersons fall under this class.

Federal Skilled Trades Program

This stream is for professionals whose abilities are associated with secondary level/ technical and industrially skilled professionals within the national Canadian economy. Maximum number secondary/technical skill oriented professions like steamfitters or industrial workers fall under this group.

Canadian Experience Class

This group is for specialists from both secondary and tertiary sectors who already have knowledge about employment in the national Canadian economy. If someone has previously lived and worked in Canada professionally then he/she falls under this classification.

Express Entry Processing Time from Bangladesh

Once a profile has been made, it will be ranked based on the information supplied and ratified by the Canadian immigration authorities. This procedure can take a maximum of 6 months. Afterward, the profile will be rated among all the profiles of other immigration applicants. When the federal government chooses to make draws, the highest rated profiles will be issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) and summoned to apply for a PR visa.

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